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Enter the Family fortune vault

Wealthy families used to see their fortunes last for up to three generations.
These days, we often see it disappear in just one. Step into the vault to find out why.

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Alternatively, see what happens when two wealthy families find out why Family Fortunes are often disappearing in a single generation.

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It’s never too late to protect and grow the wealth you have worked so hard to create.
Find out more about our specialised products, services and expertise that will help ensure that your Family Fortune is properly managed for many generations to come.

Two families. Two fortunes to Lose.

We have exposed the children of two wealthy families to their parents’ fortune to find out just how easy it is to lose it.
Nomfundo is a single mother who worked after hours to build her own business. Stanley grew up in a large, single-parent family.
Despite these challenges, they both managed build substantial fortunes that should last their families for many generations to come.
Watch as their children enter our vault and discover why family fortunes are disappearing faster than ever before.

Family 1
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Family 2
Episode 2

Learn from the experts

From social media influences to financial literacy issues - find out what our
experts have to say about the ever-increasing problems surrounding generational wealth.